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Anderson Roofing, Inc. provides residential, agricultural and commercial roofing services to the Minot community and surrounding areas. Recognized for quick responses to inquiries, estimate and repair requests, Anderson Roofing, Inc. is serious about providing superior customer service and the highest quality roofing product. If needed, we will help you navigate insurance adjustments and claims in order to achieve the optimum outcome. Anderson Roofing is fully insured and we guarantee our work 100%.


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Locally owned and operated, Mark Anderson has 40 years of roofing experience in Minot. Numerous examples of Anderson Roofing’s expertise in residential and commercial roofing exist in Minot.  One does not have to look very far to see a roof installed by Anderson Roofing.

Service Area

We provide roofing services to Minot, ND and the surrounding area including:

  • Minot, ND
  • Burlington, ND
  • Velva, ND
  • Surrey, ND
  • Parshall, ND
  • Mohall, ND
  • Kenmare, ND

Our roofing service is delivered with exceptional customer service that has made us a trusted name in the roofing industry.  Providing roofing services for so long has allowed us to perfect the roofing process from beginning to end.


What to do if your roof is damaged after a wind or hail storm:

Call Anderson Roofing for your Free Inspection Appointment.  We will review the damage, evaluate, and document all the damages to your property.  We will advise if you should make a claim after the inspection.

Contact your Insurance Company and speak with the claims department.  Inform them your property has sustained damage and provide the type of damage (wind, hail, etc.) and the Date of Loss.  At this time, let them know that Anderson Roofing, a professional roofing company, has examined the property and determined that a claim should be filed.  Your Insurance Company will give you a claim number.  Write this number down and provide it to us for reference.

And Insurance Adjuster will contact you to schedule an appointment to review the loss at your property.  Inform them that you would like Anderson Roofing to be present for the inspection.  Confirm with Anderson Roofing the date when your insurance adjuster will be out for the inspection, so we can meet them.  We will discuss damages with your adjuster and the type of work needed to take place.  This includes measurements, pricing, and any code upgrade requirements necessary to bring your property back to its original condition before the storm.

A Loss Summary Report will be sent to you by your Insurance Company containing the list of damages and the proceeds associated.  Along with the summary will be your first installment check called the Actual Cash Value payment.  It is import to review this with Anderson Roofing to insurance that it’s complete and accurate.  This is the time you will determine the repairs to be made and types of products to be installed.

*Most Roof Replacements take only One Day to Install*

  • Remove all Existing Old Shingles – Discards are placed in a dump trailer and hauled away to an approved landfill.
  • Replace or Repair Bad Decking or 1″x6″ boards, whichever is applicable to your roof.
  • Install Ice & Water Shield – Used as an underlayment to protect sloped roofs from water penetration due to wind-driven rain and water back-up resulting from ice dams
  • Apply Underlayment – Building codes and shingle manufacturers all require the use of a roof underlayment, such as an asphalt roof felt paper or synthetic
  • Apply Shingles – starting at eaves and working upwards
  • Apply Flashing around chimney, stack vents and pipes to deflect water away from seams and joints
  • Install Ventilation – installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm, humid air to escape a building’s attic
  • Clean up surrounding area to ensure it is free of nails and discarded roofing materials

Once our roof installation is completed, Anderson Roofing will send a final invoice with any supplements to your insurance company.  This will release any remaining funds being withheld.

Upon receiving the final payment from your Insurance Company, Anderson Roofing will provide you with warranty information for the products used on your installation.

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